Promoting an exciting and relatively new product, meeting new like minded people and enjoying the outdoors offers a fantastic lifestyle.

As an internationally operating business we are always on the hunt for local sailing enthusiasts who share our passion for landsailing and want the opportunity to convert others to the sport. We have a growing network of international dealers.
If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please take some time to review the FAQs and complete the form below. We will make sure that every application gets processed in a timely manner.


Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a Blokart Dealer in my area?
    Check out the map on our website -
  • Do I need a store?
    No, In fact some of our Dealers are retired folk looking to grow this new sport in their region while also enjoying secondary income and a fantastic lifestyle.
  • What are the expectations of a Dealer?
    -Secure local sailing sites to demonstrate Karts and for Kart owners to sail.
    -Respond to customer inquiries and orders in a timely manner.
    -Host regular Try-Out-Days, which BKI will promote.
    -Build a local sailing community with regular sailing days
    -Establish a local Club once sufficient karts have been sold
    -Hold a NABSA membership and help promote the association
  • Do I need to have a sailing area near by?
    Yes, with-in 1 hour drive. Customers willingly travel up to an hour for a sailing demonstration. Much further will noticeably affect sales.
  • Investment and Margins?
    Dealers are expected to purchase one Kart Package for customer demonstrations, one Kart for resale, a selection of accessories and sufficient spare parts for the local fleet. The value of this investment is approx US$6,500.
  • What size territory will I have?
    Based on the geographical area, sailing locations and population this is negotiated on a case by case basis. Dealers are typically allocated a 100km territory (minimum) from where they reside.
  • Can I market and sell online?
    Only within your Dealership territory
  • What if a customer in my territory places an order on Blokart’s website?
    All customer orders from within dealer territories will be forwarded to the Dealer to manage.
  • Do I need to give customer demonstrations and host Try-Out-Days?
    Yes. Having the ability to demo and teach is critical. Successful dealers regularly offer free lessons on the weekend, which typically result in sales.
  • Warehousing and Deliveries?
    USA Dealers are supplied from our contract warehouse in Salt Lake City, Dealers in Europe are supplied by our European Distributor in Netherlands and orders from other countries will be supplied from New Zealand.
  • Who will I deal with?
    Our Team is based at the Blokart International factory in New Zealand. Dealers in Europe work exclusively with the Blokart Distributor - BBIZZ adventure in sports (email: [email protected], Phone: +31(0)252 527700)
  • Do we have competitors?
    Although a few small brands exist (particularly in Europe) Blokart is the largest Land Sailing brand on the planet with over 10,000 Karts sold in the first 10 years of business. Blokart is the only recognised 1-Design Land Sailor on the market with annual National Championships in over 15 countries and a biannual World Championships.
  • When do Dealers pay for Orders and how are payments processed?
    Orders need to be paid prior to shipping. Bank Transfers are preferred but Credit Cards and Paypal are an option (surcharge applies).
  • Will my Dealership be profiled on
    Yes. Dealers receive a page on our Dealer locator -
  • What is the risk if I need to terminate my dealership?
    Almost zero. If your circumstances change, just sell your inventory to easily recover your costs.

Blokart Dealership Application Form

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· Warrants that the information supplied is true and correct.


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